A quick note on setting up Ghost CMS locally and using wget command to generate required resources to host it in Github.

I had migrated this site from WordPress to Ghost in 2015. I maintained it in Ghost until OpenShift allowed three free containers. Later, the site was migrated to Pelican, partially for the love of Python. Well essentially, I had to find a hosting alternative as the OpenShift was discontinuing free service.

I might switch back to Ghost headless CMS. Until I do so, let me try to log the process - I have already tried in the local machine, I am yet to work on the theme.

The first step is to grab Ghost CLI

# On a production server using a non-root user:
sudo npm install -g ghost-cli@latest
# or
sudo yarn global add ghost-cli@latest

Since the system encountered a problem with the Node.js version, I created isolated node.js environments nodeenv.

nodeenv --node=14.16.1 node14161
. node14161/bin/activate

Once it is installed, cd inside the folder where the Ghost will reside the fire.

ghost install local

...and the configuration follows

When I finalise templating, I should wget the localhost from themes folder to extract HTML, CSS and javascript which then can then be uploaded to the Github repository

wget -r -nH -P docs -E -T 2 -np  -k http://localhost:2368/