Here's my python script that populates Nepali news brief videos into NaviX in XMBC/Kodi. In 2013, I had created Nepal TV channel feed in Navi-X to watch Nepal Television, BBC Sajha Sawal and some more nepali news feeds.

I have setup Kimono to scrap video list from CanadaNepal. The following file in OpenShift is updated every hour kimplx.plx which is loaded in Navi-X. Search for Nepali TV in Navi-X to see the listings.

Python Code

import json
import urllib
import datetime

results = json.load(urllib.urlopen(""))

items = results["results"]["videolink"]
myfile = open("/data/kimplx.plx", "w")

x = "version=1\n"
x+= "background=\n"
x+= "title=News Playlist\n"
x+= "logo=\n"
x+= "description=Updated"+str(datetime.datetime.utcnow())+"/description\n"

for item in items:
    # x+= "#"
    x+= "type=video\n"
    x+= "name="+item["title"]["text"].encode('utf-8')+"\n"
    x+= "thumb="+"\n"
    if item.has_key('href'):
        x+= "URL="+item["href"].encode('utf-8')+"\n"
    x+= "player=default\n"
    x+= "rating=-1.00\n"
    x+= "\n"

print x

Generated PLX file


name=Tribhuvan international airport to be improved

name=Human Trafficking Till When?

Result in Navi-X News brief

Add Nepali Channel to your Favlist I have added a few Nepali TV channels (NTV, NTV Plus and Sagarmatha) and some Youtube channels to Navi-X repository. The TV channels stream live. I shall keep updating the repository as I get new feeds.

Search “nepal” in Navi-X.

Right click and save the result – “Nepali TV” to your favourite.

Refer following page for more about Nepali Channels in XBMC/Kodi